The philosophy of this membership organization is that through your support of other businesses in our community, your business too will have support. 


The mission of Stars Networking is to help our members to expand their business through weekly meetings and a referral program. 

See How It Works

Would you like to expand your business?

Successful businesses depend on the word of others to thrive. Through our referral program, many members of the Stars Network have increased their amount of clients and you could too! 

Stars Networking provides a membership support system for giving and receiving business.

Through the weekly meetings of our members, you will develop personal relationships with many other successful professionals. These professional relationships with others will allow you expand your business when they refer others to you. Read about our values & guidelines.



Stars Networking chapter Leadership Team consists of the following positions:

President – chairs the chapter weekly meetings and oversees the leadership team and its activities.

Vice President – is responsible for tracking attendance and overseeing the activities of the Membership Committee

Secretary – tracks referrals and business dollars passed within the chapter, schedules speakers for weekly meetings, obtains speaker bio and introduces the speaker during the weekly meetings.

Treasurer – collects the chapter annual and monthly dues and reports the chapter financials including past due fees on a monthly basis to the chapter.

Membership Committee – reports to chapter Vice President and consists of four chapter members who are selected by the president and the vice president. Membership Committee members greet visitors during weekly meetings. The Committee receives and reviews new and transferring membership applications as well as applications for changes to member classifications. The Committee reviews conflicts with chapter current classifications, performs reference checks and suitability for membership, and approves or disapproves applications for membership in the chapter.

In the absence of a Membership Committee, the Leadership Team may act as an ad hoc Committee until one is established.

Networking Trainer – is responsible for providing education at weekly meetings to improve and strengthen chapter’s sales and networking skills.

Social Chair – is responsible for setting up social events to boost chapter membership and morale. He/She may seek member volunteers to assist to plan and execute chapter social events.

Time Keeper – consults chapter President for changes to allotted times for members and speaker, keeps the time ensuring members stay within their 45 second presentations, and weekly speaker stays within 10 minutes of the time allotted on the agenda.